Discovering Japan

October 12th - 17th, 2015 > Opening on October 12th, at 19h

An exhibition is organized by the Japan Internation Cooperation Agency (JICA), it includes photographs that represent impressions from Japan of former JICA students from Serbia during they stay in this fascinating country.

The exhibition is conceptualized in several thematic units, to show everyday life, but also to present Japan’s history and culture, discovering the beautiful country in which tradition and technology intertwine in a unique way, the natural and human masterpieces, history and pop culture…

JICA ALUMNI is a Citizens Association from Serbia established by former JICA students courses in Japan from various fields. JICA ALUMNI association from Serbia was established to promote friendly relations between Japan and Serbia, to maintain contact with JICA and other Japan’s institutions and to develop friendly, professional, and social connections between association members.