From No Connection

Darko Nikolić
October 19th - 27th, 2015 > Opening ceremony on October 22nd, at 20h

Darko Nikolić does not talk about himself, and if you insist on him to tell you something about himself, how should you sign him, it would come down to Film Director & Photo Molester.

What his photographs possess and others don’t, is described by master Ivana Tomanović. She speaks about the works selected for this exhibition. “Colorful squares often pop-up on our mobile phone screens. In this format, we mostly look at photos that are filtered through Instagram, VSGO, Hipstamatic, Retrica… We look at them, like them, share them, but only a small number lives a trace in our memory, because of authorship and originality demands. Darko Nikolić has it”, says Tomanović.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition is on Thursday, October 22nd, at 20h, where you will be able to meet the Author.