Back to Basics

Biljana Cincarević
November 5th - 17th, 2015 > Opening ceremony on November 5th, at 19h

BACK TO BASICS announces a new stage in Biljane Cincarević’s painting, announced by the previous exhibition Holy Femininity. Biljana’s developing path, from primal sexual instincts, through subtle states, shows this need to address the imbalance between material and spiritual existence.

Biljana Cincarević asks if the holy woman from the past still holy in everyday life situations… In Biljana’s paintings, women with aureole are presented in various contemporary contexts –  on the spiritual path in New York metro, on the beach, while standing on the terrace… In this way, Biljana draws attention to a woman divinity, and from ordinary she makes saints. BACK TO BASICS calls for the return of spiritual as an inseparable part of our material existence.

Biljana Cincarević is a painter and conceptual artist who exhibited at world art fairs, and she represents a part of the international scene. She considered herself as a resident of the world. With her activism in the field of human and social rights, she significantly contributed to the new face of Serbia. In painting, Biljana Cincarević expresses herself through the fashion of modern realism, while in her conceptual work she criticizes religion and introduces spirituality.
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