Towards a river

Exhibition of photographies
November 19th - 25th, 2015 > Opening on November 19th, at 19h

The exhibition was created within the campaign for the preservation of natural resources carried out by the Belgarde Open School through the project “I know how to react”.

Artists who will present their photos: Kristina Radovanović, Jelena Šurlan, Boris Miletić, Vladan Pavlović, and prof. Radomir Levajac.

The theme of the exhibition is the degradation of the river flows and coastal areas caused by excessive exploitation of gravel and waste disposal on the river banks. Presenting pictures of the authentic natural environment that has been damaged and destroyed by human negligence and the inaction of the authorities, BOŠ wants to initiate the reaction of society and contribute to stopping violence against rivers.

The project “I know how to react” is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in the Republic of Serbia. More about the project