Art photographies exhibition by Aleksandra Popović
November 26th - December 3rd, 2015 > Opening on November 26th, at 19h

Over the years the story has spread that women become more independent and emancipated, that they can do everything and that they don’t need men. Tearing down a centuries-old social matrix by which men create and women spend, led to the creation of new relations in which gentler sex affirmed all of its qualities: knowledge, creativity, Methodism, conscientiousness, and strength. The roles have changed, and men are no longer dominant as it was just a decade ago. This set of things, as well as experiences of friends, lead the author for artistic reached whose results can be seen in the WOMEN exhibition.

“Although I don’t intend to complain, I must point out that this is not a feminist project. On the contrary, photographs were created from the desire to draw attention to the fact that men often take the line of less resistance, and that women, especially with a lack of support, are forced to rely solely on their strengths”, says Popović. On photographs are women psychologists, singers, actresses, lawyers, photographers, single mothers… Women who HAD TO be stronger to survive.

The exhibition lasts until December 3rd.

About the artist…
Aleksandra Popović was born in 1981, Kruševac. She graduated in 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts BK, in the class of professor Milan Aleksić, later on in 2009 she graduated from the Management of Culture and Art at the Faculty of Organized Science. She had the first solo exhibition in 2000 later on ten more and about fifty group exhibitions. She was the winner of the second prize at the Oktober exhibition in 2004. She is the founder and photography lecturer at the Factory of photographers.