3 in 1

Mirko Nahmijas/ photography exhibition
December 17th - 24th, 2015 > Opening ceremony on December 17th, at 19h

The exhibition will include two projects “Belgarde mustaches”, “Reminiscence”, and “Barter”, which will be created at the very opening of the exhibition.

Belgrade mustaches are a series of portraits, characters. Belgrade mustaches theme is dedicated to all fellow citizens who persistently and diligently make their facial ornaments, as well as to fans of this unequivocal of masculinity. The series contains 55 photographies in A3 format.

Reminiscence is traveling through time and landscape, capture in the right-angle geometry. Reminiscence is the recollection of one’s memories. For many people, as they travel or take a moment to relax, the mind is flooded with memories. In these photographs, memories are graphically depicted as framed moments, impressions from the past are introduced to the present as if people who hold the frames are now talking about them. The series contains 22 photographies in A3 format.

Barter is like art, a particular form of communication. It is also a part of this exhibition. That’s why the artist invites everyone to bring what they would exchange for a photo (10x15cm). All items collected in this way will be presented.