A.R. Design studio multimedia presents new fashion collection “Micro Harmony”

Fashion performance / live photo session/projection of fashion photos Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 at 20h

Fashion event and collection author: Aleksandra Ranković
Scenography and photographer: Nemanja Vorkapić
Music: AR&SK
Hairstyle: Aleksandar team
Makeup: Nena Popović
Models: Beautiful women of Belgarde

Aleksandra Ranković, an independent artist, she lives and creates in Belgrade. For more than a decade, she is participating in different contexts and numerous art projects and no matter what type of media, technology, forms, content is about, her dominant feature or true vocation is modern clothing.

Following her ideas, she created an original fashion style, easily acceptable and recognizable to all who cultivate sophistication and freedom of taste.

The fashion style of Aleksandra Ranković is well known in one specific and significant part of the Belgrade fashion and art scene. “Regardless of where you are, my clothes will bring you to the center of attention, but to carry it you need to have a certain personality”.

The center of Aleksandra’s poetics leads us into an interesting thought and felling the world that functions within postmodernist practices and strategies, but always with recognizable/authorial seal. Aleksandra Ranković constantly creates new ideas and technological approaches in material processing, but also, from collection to collection, she always brings new content and details, which not only enriches their poetry but innovatively and intelligently turns their creations into those precious books. Each of her models is a complete artwork, which visionary announces the upcoming trends, that will appear in the future.