Cosplay Belgrade!

Aleksandar Jovković
December 25th, 2015 - January 15th, 2016 > Opening ceremony on December 25th, at 19h

The exhibition was created as a result of one-year cooperation with the Belgarde Association for the Promotion of Japanese Pop Culture “Sakurabana”.

This unique setting portrays models in costumes through an unusual combination of imagination, fiction, and reality. Although photographed in the studio, a special seal gives them a Belgarde ambiance where they are subsequently placed. The exhibition will also feature selected studio photos illustrating the diversity of costumes and pop culture themes of “cosplayers”. The works are carried out in the printing technique on the canvas, giving photographs a special pop-art atmosphere.

At the very opening of the exhibition, visitors will have a unique opportunity to see the most interesting costumes in the photos. For this special mini-revue, the music background will be provided by the famous DJ Bokee.

Cosplay (cosplay, the complex word from English “costume” – costume and “play” – playing and acting) is a creative hobby that gets more and more attention in the world, but also here. This movement has spread from Japan, from where sometimes the craziest trends come, often associated with so-called alternative pop culture. Cosplay involves costuming into popular characters from movies, comics, TV shows, books, video games or other media franchises. The goal is not only the faithful reconstruction of the costumes but also the most convincing presentation of the chosen person through behavior, general attitude, and speech.

The exhibition lasts until January 15th, 2016.

About the author
Aleksandar Jovković was born on May 22nd, 1975 in Belgarde. He finished graphic design at the Academy of Polytechnique School since 2002 working professionally as a photographer under the artistic pseudonym GURU. He has worked for famous brands such as Loreal, Garnier, Carlsberg, Smirnoff, Fly London, Time Zone, Maybelline, Rubin, Eurosalon… He is the founder of the magazine and the website Urban BUG, in which he was the photo editor for the first two years, later he moved to the position of the chief editor, where he is still present. So far he had three exhibitions.