Album of lost dreams

Readymade collage by Slobodan Šijan
March 3rd - 16th, 2016 > Opening on March 3rd, at 19:15h

Slobodan Šijan is an awarded film director, writer, and visual artist. He is the author of many experimental video works, some of the most popular Serbian movies like “Who’s Singin’ Over There” and has written a vast number of articles and books about film and visual culture. In some of his more famous works in the fields of visual arts and literature Šijan re-evaluates the phenomena of film, motion pictures, photographic (and digital) registration and reproduction of sights.

Album of lost dreams is a photo collage made by Vukosava Kujović partisan fighter and an active participant of the liberation of Yugoslavia. This album, framed by a crocheted tablecloth, was recognized as a readymade piece of art by her son Slobodan Šijan. Complex and unresolved relation between two identities – revolutionary fighter and a single mother that is the pillar of the family produced a unique combination of photos which is intensified with how they are put together in the album and on the walls of the gallery. She did not renounce her past of an active builder of a socialist society in Yugoslavia, but she has treated it only as a pledge to make a better future for her family.

Two arrays of images, one representing Vukosava’s past and another of her family are placed side by side in this album, usually separated just by a single paragraph. What is interesting is the fact that at some points these two arrays come together. An example of that is the picture of the author’s granddaughter in Disneyland which is taped over an old photo of cheerful Yugoslav students enjoying the perks of socialism titled “Blissful youth”.