Stereo people

Exhibition of stereo photography "Stereo People" by Aleksandar Ilić
April 7th - 20th > Opening on Thursday, April 7th, at 19:15h

Aleksandar Ilić was born in 1968, the City of Belgrade.
He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the department of film and TV cameras. The start of his professional career is tightly bonded to rock and roll. He has recorded a vast number of music videos for famous domestic rock bands. As a director of photography, he recorded films: Apsolutnih Sto, Klopka, Krugovi, and Smrdljiva Bajka. He has been awarded many times for his work both in the country and abroad and teaches in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

With this series of photographs Aleksandar Ilić enters the territory of Rock and Roll, and tinkers with the fact that we can portray a photograph as a document recording a specific moment in time or as an illusion where our site is directly entering the scene a photo is depicting.

Aleksandar’s passion for following performances of Belgrade’s famous rock bands resulted in photographic imagery that does not fit the mold of expected and standardized placement of musicians in the ambiance of concert halls or rehearsal studios. He created visually rich images that construct a contrast between the surroundings and the scene that is set in it.

Utilizing stereoscopic technology, which was used even before Sir John Herschel forged the term ”photograph”, Aleksandar Ilič is making this contrast more apparent in details, but at same time nullifying it with the addition of an illusionist component Taken with an analog camera these sights are imprinted with shades of red and cyan colors in anaglyphic technology which gives a stereo image when viewed through 3D glasses.

Utilizing the fact that term “stereo” primary has a positive connotation of something that is upgraded from the monoscopic state, Aleksandar implies that persons caught in these images are transformed into visually enhanced “stereo people”.