Woman, an eternal inspiration

Collection by Predrag Caranović
From 17th until 30th March 2016 > Opening on March 17th at 7:15 PM


Master of dozen crafts, Predrag Caranović is devoted to hand-made objects of high aesthetic value; however he is also very fond of ordinary objects that can be displayed like readymade art without any intervention, or be combined with some unrelated elements and form an ensemble. He treats flea markets, dumps and storage units as archeological sites. There, he discovers objects that have unrealized semantic and aesthetic potentials and rich material structure, potentials which are later utilized in gallery or museum ambience.

Collection Woman, an eternal inspiration consists of a number of aprons of different origin that are made out of metal plates and are attached to the body with leather straps. They were found thrown away. It appears the aprons were used by butchers as some kind of armor that was protecting their bodies while chopping meat. Markings of that use are left written in them, and although visitors may view them just as objects of aesthetic value that are allotted as art, they still carry an unbearable stigma of slaughter house equipment

It is important to point out that Predrag Caranović did not take these aprons or the butcher’s blade that was added to them in this setting, directly from the slaughter house. He found them at flea markets. They have already lost their intended functionality and were left to be traded at a used goods market. In the end, the aprons winded up in the storage of an artist where they have waited for the opportunity to be given a new role in a society. From that storage they are now transferred to a gallery wall where they will begin a new life as works of art.