Exhibition of photography by Mina Šarenac, co-author Olja Marković
April 21st – May 4th > Opening on April 21st, at 20:00h

The subject of this exhibition is a body in water which resembles an embryo and indicates that a woman is a bearer of life. Photographs possess an artificial element and have a dash of a science fiction atmosphere to them. When you look at them it seems as though the women in them are sleeping. How long have they been asleep? Maybe they have been sleeping for centuries, and at the same time are carrying a new life which will come into being when they wake up. Part of the shot that is shaped in the form of an arc reminds us of the way that Virgin Mary is represented on stained glass images and niches and it symbolizes the process of conception. The question that the photographer wanted to ask is: Are they bearing a better world? Can something better be born out of debris?

Materials used in the formatting of composition are artificial, while the rest was designed and made by the author of the photographs and Olja Marković co-author of the exhibition. She came up with the creative concept and has participated in the conceptual solution of the exhibition as well as the production and technical support which regarded the setting up of the shot.

Mina Šarenac was born in 1986, Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2011 on the photography module in the class of Professor Branimir Karanović. She exhibited in the country and abroad. Her main lines of work are art and fashion photography, as well as short video form, and this is her second independent exhibition.

Olja Marković was born in 1985, Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2011, obtained her master’s degree in the Faculty of Political Sciences and is currently working on a doctorate on the studies of culture module. She has worked on many projects regarding costumes and fashion. Her main lines of work are costumes, visual arts and theory of culture.