“Running over”

Street art exhibition
5th of May – 11th of May > Grand closing 11th of May 8PM


This exhibition will bring together the best street artists from our scene, and during its creation the gallery will be transformed into an urban environment where street artists usually work.

Term “Running over” is a slang expression used by Serbian street artists for painting something over an existing piece which is a natural process in the streets. Sometimes stuff is being run over because of lack of space, at times because of rivalry and sometimes because of a sheer need for destruction. But term “running over” symbolizes much more.

“Running over” is both literal and figurative. It happens every day in different situations. In art, but in the artist as well, it happens in life, to everyone and inside every one. Creative force is being run over by vandalism. Thought, ideas, symbols, words, images, effort, talent, memories, love, dreams everything is being run over. Everyday our rights are being run over, a right to freedom, expression, point of view, choice, a right to have our city, our streets, a right to our art.

The idea of this exhibition is to invite fellow citizens to take part in “Running over”, to be involved in the activist process by artist that will be creating art in O3ONE gallery from the 5th to the 10th of May, and to give their view of the term “running over”. Everyone that is interested is welcome to add to someone’s work, to draw next to, or over it. To share what they have written about the exhibition, to say freely without censorship how do they feel, what or who is running over them, and to give suggestions on how to free the city, and stop it from being run over.

ARTEZ, BONG, DAS DROGEN, JANA, JUNK, LINNCH, LOTREK, MASTER, MONSTA, MUPOCK, NIKOLA, SLESH, TKV, WONY and WUPER are artists that will take part in “Running over” and results of their work, and the work of audience that will join them will be presented on Thursday 11th of May at 20:00h.