In search of a man / Calendar of events

As part of the exhibition “In search of a man” will be organized and accompanied contents:
Opening on May 19th, at 20:30h – „Murder of history – lecture of Kosta Bunuševac“ performance
Night of Museums on May 21st, 19h and 21h – „Effect Ties“ by Nataša Šarić
May 27th, at 20h – “Zenit – history of one enthusiasm” displaying the show DAH Theater
June 1st – 2nd, 18h-20h – „Man – That is our first-word “ performance Snežane Golubović
The exhibition lasts until June 8th

Professional guidance through the exhibition: 
May 21st, at 12:30h / Stevan Vuković
May 28th, at 12:30h / Irina Subotić
June 4th, at 12:30h / Slobodan Mijušković