MAN – That is our first word

Performance by Snežana Golubović
June 1st and 2nd, 2016 (18h-20h)

On Wednesday and Thursday, June 1st and 2nd in the framework of the “Search for a man” exhibition from 18h-20h at the O3one Gallery, the famous conceptual artists Snežana Golubović will hold the performance of prose and poetry from Zenit under the name Man – That is our first word.

Snežana Golubović was born in the year when The Rolling Stones set the world on fire with song “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction”. She grew up with the Belgarde alternative scene, listening to Ekatarina the Great, read Ivo Andrić and Danilo Kiš, visited BITEF and FEST, studied dramaturgy, wrote about music and film, spent years in Dubrovnik and created her radio and television programs.

Since 1992. she has been living in Germany. As a freelance artist/performer, she cooperated with Aleksandar Bril, Dirk Hauzer, Endzi Hizl, Saskia Boddeke, and Peter Greenway.

She was the assistant to Marina Abramović and a member of the Independent Performance Group, which was founded by Marina Abramović. Her works were presented at the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam, at the Biennale Venice, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, the Future of Imagination event in Singapore and many other institutions and events.

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