Art Should Be Poked

Collection of photographs by Vladimir and Milica Perić
June 23rd – July 5th > Opening on Thursday, June 23rd, at 20:00h

“I can only say to the well-intentioned polite viewer the same thing I sometimes do when I stand like a sheep in front of a painting or a text: art should be poked, and whatever happens, happens. And art will start dancing so gladly, colorful and humane. Like every abandoned message which by the mere fact that it is a message can’t fade even though no one is listening to it.” Instead of a distanced approach towards art that is full of awe, and treats works of art as something that is excluded from everyday life, and is sustainable by presence which is always mediated by an institutional frame, this fragment of text by Dušan Makavejev, suggested a need for unambiguous and active stance towards pieces of art in general.

Photographs displayed in this exhibition were collected from diverse sources by the authors and showcased without stressing the context in which they were taken, or the personal stories of people who were in the photos or those taking the shot. They were interested mainly in the typology or the way that bodies of the people in photographs were set up to areas volumes and masses of publicly placed sculptures, sculptural units or monuments they were posing next to. Like in many of their previous work Vladimir and Milica Perić have just collected photo positives of unknown authors, amateurs unweighted by photographic techniques. Photo positives were classified in entities according to visual content, scanned and printed in increased dimensions so that details in them could be seen more clearly, but they were not manipulated in any other way during the preparation for printing.

The relation of people and objects in these photographs is shown as a direct activation that is emphasizing the objectivity of artifacts, not their status in the world of art or general history of culture. It is happening independent of the normative institutional framework, as a completely external relation that is ignoring the intent of the author and all artistic and aesthetic qualities of objects that are not relevant for the image that is being created between the bodies of the people and forms and material properties of objects.
Stevan Vuković

Vladimir & Milica Perić
Vladimir Perić (1962) is a multimedia artist and a docent on the Photography module on the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He has been a part of the visual art scene for more than three decades, and his works can be divided into three periods: when he displayed under the pseudonym Talent (1986-1996) than as a founder and a member of art group called Talent Factory (1996-2006) after which he started exhibiting under his name as a part of the ten year project Museum of Childhood. He had more than 70 solo and more than 200 group exhibitions. Milica Perić (1984) has joined the Museum of Childhood project and continued to develop it with Vladimir as a fusion of contemporary collecting, visual art, and museum practice. Milica is an art historian, and a curator and development and presentation of the Museum of Childhood through lectures and publications are in the center of her work. Vladimir and Milica have been working as an art tandem since 2013 on projects that are outside the framework of the Museum of Childhood as well.

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