Pop Up CLICK 25

Exhibition celebrating 25 years of Click Fashion Studio
10th of June – 22th of June> Opening of the exhibition: Friday 10th of June 21:00


Click Fashion Studio is recognizable on Serbia’s fashion and art scene, not only by its numerous fashion projects but also by many art exhibitions that were done in cooperation with various cultural institutions.

Click Fashion Studio is made of a small core of professionals that share a passion towards fashion as a creative field which is pushing the boundaries that are considered ordinary. They are enthusiastic toward fashion and believe that it belongs to the fields of art, freedom and creation.

Those people are a topic of this exhibition. All of them, in front and behind the camera, on the runway and behind it, creative individuals of various professions, they are the ones that have created that exceptional spirit that is exemplary for Click and its frequent pioneer actions.

A great number of photographs in this exhibition are done with pop up elements. Also gallery will be filled with silhouettes of the models from some of the most important Click fashion shows.