September 15th - 29th, 2016 > Opening on September 15th, at 19h

Performances that are seen through a camera lens and recorded in photos: Marko Anelija, Nebojša Babić, Goran Basarić, Tales Frey, Jamie Gannon, Rodrigo Munoz, Eyal Perry / Class House, Ivana Petrovića, Susan Kroger, Jemima Jong, and Severina Želaznog.

I wonder is it possible to stop and record the moment? How is it possible to document art performance… Documented so that someone who was not able to be in that space at that time – a moment, that may have lasted briefly, just a few seconds, minutes, or maybe longer, much longer, for hours, days, weeks – and felt that he was present there just like everyone who was actually there, who saw it, experienced it…

How many times I just wished that… to be in the apartment (room 712) at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam where Yoko Ono and John Lenon spent the night on March 1969, settling down, and holding their Bed-In; to be at F-Space Gallery on November 1971, when Chris Burdon asked a friend to shoot him, and a friend did it; to walk for three months with Martin Ulay, in both directions simultaneously, along the Chinese Wall, 1988; or, or, or… so many examples… so many extraordinary performances I have never seen before. And I wish I did. I wish I was there.

And every time I think about it… think, know: if the performance was not made (conceived or staged) for a video or a movie, and everything was live and real, left to the mercy of what will happen, that special moment – that something, that magic that live performance caries (not always), if anyone at all, could record and document for those who were not there, only one sharp eye, one precise look, a sophisticated sensitivity, and photographers lens, artists… someone who breathes with the artist (performance) at the moment… and remains breathless. The movie and video cannot record it. Not like that. I don’t know why. But the photo… for me, has some quite long, magical power.

My past performances mostly live in photos… photos of some dear friends and longtime associates, colleagues, great artists… formed as part of a plan or completely unplanned… live.

COUNTING, LOVE, STEPS & THREADS is my first retrospective… the first presentation of some of my works in the city where I was born and spent perhaps the best years of my life and which I still carry with me in my heart… It’s a collection of precious moments in my life. I was the initiator and creator of those moments, that are still living thanks to those who recorded those moments and immortalized them.

This is not just an exhibition… Although at the first glance there is a record of some works and projects and steps of my career over the past ten years, this is a note of places, travels, experiences, encounters, acquaintanceship, old and new friends… about others… without which there would be anything – neither inspiration, neither performance, and this exhibition.

Snežana Golubović
September 2016