DIORALOP: fashion experience

October 28th, 2016 > Koče Popovića 9

Following success in the London, French and American markets and participating in the wolds famous multi-brand actions such as Opening Ceremony and MK2UK, Croatian brand DIORALOP will present itself to the local scene within 40th Belgrade Fashion Week jubilee at the fashion-multimedia exhibition in the organization of the Pro3or project in cooperation with SAMPLE online platform. The exhibition opening will take place on Friday, October 28th, at 21h in the new Gallery ПРОЗОР. 

Due to the gallery space, the exhibition will be divided into three parts: sculptural presentation of clothing, video presentation – showing short fashion films, and at the end pop up shop with limited dresses that are made especially for this occasion. The whole event will be followed by the music of Strahinja Beganović HETEM.
The event was supported by KAŠ beer + Red Bull energy drink

Behind the name, DIORALOP is Andreja Bistričić – she graduated at the Faculty of Textile and Technology in Zagreb, also postgraduate studies at Central St. Marines college, and then she worked at the Alexander McQueen studio, and Maja Merlić she graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, and besides fashion she is interior designer. Inspired by subculture and Polaroid photographs, they produce prints that are digitally printed in Great Britain. These patterns put the DIORALOP label among the first in the region, by modifying textiles and a special type of press that addresses the audience and offer something authentic.

ПРОЗОР is located in Koče Popovića no.9 street, Belgarde, and enables the presentation of exhibitions with different characters – video production, applied and fine arts, performance, scene art, presentation of mini-concerts, as well as providing support for renowned brands. Number 3 in the title stands as a symbol for three concepts: exhibition showroom, shop for artworks, and creative house items, and at the end – the unique web platform for art promotion.