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Živko Grozdanić
November 22nd - December 4th, 2016


The artist is a fictional term characterized by the work particular individual, which is based on the results, the concept, and the projected artworks. The artist concept can be related to the name of Živko Grozdanić only in the case that Živko Grozdanić is viewed through the art discipline of sculptors of allegorical objects. Perhaps it would be better to say that Živko Grozdanić is, in fact, Allegorist or artist’s allegory. At first, Živko Grozdanić was artists but after a long, painstaking and exceedingly difficult political work, he was forced to abandon the term that he defined as an artist and transformed into an Alegorian.

The Alegorian is not an allegorist, an artist who creates an allegory or serves as an allegory. He is a person similar to the anthropologist, who in the mid-nineties of the 20th century investigated the concept status used in culture and art. In the traditional artistic system, the values of the Alegorians did not come to the right expression, primarily because of the previously insufficient understanding of an artist-anthropologist, ascetic research and analyzing the meaningful values and context of art and culture. If the existing contradictions in the world of art and culture deprive the concept of the artist, then we must place an artist-anthropologist in his place, but if we do not have him, this difficult task must be realized by Alegorian.

The Alegorian always works in a world that he creates. That world is just an apparent part of history and art, it is above all the world of Alegorians, only for the existing system of evaluating art and culture. The Alegorian produces objects that are the fruit of a diligent physical and mental study of current social relationships and situations in communities whose status is constantly interlinked and multiplied.

The Alegorian works similarly and closely as the conceptual artists of the last century, who worked with ideas. He analyzes his ideas process them through the material into an allegorical scene. For Alegorian the idea is the material of artistic expression, but it is also a bunch of materials that hide the idea and in that sense, it helps to remain part of it.

Živko Grozdanić, April 2004.