Saša Rakezić/Aleksandar Zograf
November 4th - 23rd, 2016

O3ONE gallery will host a unique exhibition named DISNEY AS AN INSPIRATION, November 4th – 23rd, 2016. It will show us a disneyfied note of Sasa Rakezic’s alias Aleksandar Zograf’s collection, and reveal the adventures of folk versions of Disney characters, including the Serbianizied version of Mickey Mouse on wall cookery-rags, tapestries, scrapbooks, photos, etc. 

According to Stevan Vukovic, „wall cookery-rags from the 30s, sketchbooks, tapestries, photographs and other souvenir items presented on this exhibition, all have a commonality in the dignified perception of the World. However, not only do they lack Disney’s license, but they also offer barely any similarity between the characters and actual stories of the real Disney production. In design, due to severe ignorance of those who designed these Disney characters, some items portray unintentional varieties, localized counterparts, as well as parodies. Something can be learned by analyzing each of these given pieces, but in a way countering the classical school learning. It is not a simple absorption of exemplary actions reaching the desired effect due to its repetition, but catching the sight of implementation of personal spontaneity in a creative process“.

This collection, which you will be able to take a look at, is a result of years of collector’s work of one of our most autonomous authors from the field of alternative and underground world of comics. Sasa Rakezic (born in 1963, in Pancevo), better known under his pseudonym Aleksandar Zograf, publishes comics since 1986, in such magazines as NON, Ritam, Rock, Mladost, etc. He has been recognized early in his career abroad, above all in the United States, where he publishes his work in such magazines as The Cosmic Journal, Zero Zero, Weirdo, Rare Bit Fiends, Buzzard, Crow, Tantalizing Stories, etc. Nowadays, the given author’s work appeared in various editions of such publishing companies as L’Association from France, Italian Fandango, MMMNNNRRRG! from Portugal, Centrala from Poland, Nyitott Könyvműhely from Hungary, and Greek Kapsimi, while the American Top Shelf published extensive anthology of his comics and texts under the following name – Regards From Serbia. He took part in many international comic festivals, conferences, and exhibitions. He is the owner of the Special award for outstanding contribution to the world of Serbian comics in 2004 (International Comics Festival, Belgrade).