Interview / Dioralop

Koče Popovića 9

Andrea has been doing fashion for a long time, while Maya is an architect. How did you two meet and create DIORALOP? 
Maja: We met completely by chance, at the wedding. Andrea had her brand at the time, and I was making jewelry and painting Polaroids. We started to hang out and Andrea liked my photos and experiments and suggested that we try to get them printed on fabric.
Andreja: And then we realized that we have similar aesthetics and decided to start DIORALOP together.

How has your work progressed from the beginning to the present day?
Andreja: We started exhibiting at fashion weeks in Croatia and after some time in the whole region. Very soon foreign media began publishing us, and because of that we decided to redirect energy, money, and time to the outer market, so we started exhibiting in Paris and London fashion weeks every season.
Maja: Every day we learn something new and we are grateful for every little thing.

Tell us more about the prints that you create?
Maja: DIOLAROP prints are unique. The prints were created by spilling chemicals from Polaroid photos. Different color shades and patterns are produced by exposure to different temperatures, we realize that the whole process is very special and has many possibilities, and we have fully accepted it and started to create and experiment.

What are you fascinated right now and how does that reflect on your design? 
Andreja: We have always been fascinated by handcraft and we are trying to incorporate it into the design as much as possible. Recently we made a capsule collection that is dedicated to embroidery. We apply the treads of various colors and fabrics, we combine different textures and create new collages. This kind of work is long-lasting and painful, but the results are impressive.

What feedback did you receive for the latest capsule collection?
Maja: Work and effort that is invested in every single piece are noticeable and people appreciate it. The time and love that is invested in creation, so that all the reactions are very positive and stimulating.
What would be the biggest lesson you learned since you started the label?
Andreja: Certainly the biggest lesson was if you create something with love and passion that will surely be noticed. It is very important not to fall into the fashion industry and you should violate the rules as much as possible.

How do you balance creativity with something commercial?
Maja: We always offer commercial pieces that are affordable to people, such as t-shirts or sweatshirts, and so we are suggesting some more demanding pieces. Although these are the pieces that are first sold

How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Andreja: It’s hard to tell where do we see each other, but I certainly know that this brand will grow as it was before.

Dunja Jovanović