November 18th - December 1st, 2016 > Koče Popovića 9

Authors: Sofija Modošanov, Katarina Marčetić, and Danilo Mijatović
In Stanislav Lem’s novel from 1961. Solarintelligentent planet examines the mind of scientists who reside above it in the space station and research it. Solaris can manifest their secrets, fears, guilt, and worries in physical forms. This philosophical sci-fi novel is about the anthropomorphic man’s limitations, but also the power of human consciousness so Solaris can be interpreted as a metaphor of art that is the eternal manifestation of the subconscious in the physical world. Art can, both very directly and personally, evoke our deepest fears, but also our most intimate secrets, memories, and feelings to overcome intellectual and emotional barriers so that we can become “better people” tomorrow.

Young artists from the department of photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts will deal with archetypal fear of death, feeling of loneliness, and love intimacy through installation, video work, and experimental photography.

Sofija Modošanov was born in 1992, Belgarde. She lives near Pančevo. She finished her basic studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgarde, and she currently a student of master studies at the same faculty. In her two series of photographies Touch and Touching, Sofija approaches the touch in a subjective and microcosmic way. The Touch continues as a lasting action – Touching; so the Touching series is more abstract than the first static series. Although the Touch does not necessarily imply the presence of the Other, the touch is essentially related to two beings. What emphasizes the transcendental and metaphysical nature of the touch in the Sofija’s photographs is the impossible to discern who is touching whom, that’s what equalizes the subject and object by merging them into one being without knowing the beginning and the end.

Katarina Marčetić was born in 1993, Pančevo. she is the student of the fourth year of photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She was the participant of several group exhibitions where she exhibited graphics, pictures, and photographs. Katarina’s installation Opskurant puts us in a voyeur role from which we look at the grotesque domains of the soul that are hidden behind our everyday lives. The participant whom we “spy on” has come to this circle of hell because of laziness and lack of interest for achievement, which is often a “lifestyle” in modern society. While focusing on sin and its outcomes, the Obskurant has received aesthetic treatment such as in antiquity. The Obskurant was accompanied by an experimental series of prints that were created by scanning a pair of scissors with automated scaling interventions during scanning to make as many variations as possible.

Danilo Mijatović is a visual artist born in 1989, Lazarevac. He currently lives and works in Belgarde where he completed his master studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts. Works in fields of photography, drawings, graphic, and video. So far, he has realized three independent and several group exhibitions and deals with internal conflicts, fears, and self-knowledge. In his video work “Great event” that with the sculptor expands through Gallery space, Danilo allows us to peek into his introspective nightmare. This two-minute therapeutic video installation is a surrealistic game of light and shadow in which we get short insights into a dark and endless space that reminds us of the dreams of the chaotic minds of consciousness. Here lies the fear from the future that inevitably ends in death, which is exactly the moment when our time has come to know ourselves. Fear is the brain of Danilo’s inspiration and Great events represent the fear that can lead him to an abyss like in Kokuto’s  Le Sang D’un Poète.