The body as an instrument

Koče Popovića 9

We invite you to an open free presentation of the section “Body as an instrument”. Take a friend and come to met new people through game, music, and movement!

Let’s engage with what is closest to us, what is always present, our body and voice, and create music using only these basic instruments. We also practice breathing, memory, coordination, concentration, synchronization, and various capacities of our memory and physical abilities – while we have a good time! The section is open to all eager to move and sing.

For additional information as well as the arrival announcement, please contact 063/8700581, email or inbox. The section is open on Sundays from 17h.


Body percussion is the art of hitting own body to create various rhythmic sounds.

Every movement of the body implies a certain activity of our muscles and bones. Using specific movements, body percussion affects the strengthening of certain body parts and in that way affect reflexes, attention, and quickness of response to different demands from our environment. Body percussion also contributes to the development of awareness of our body, movement control, and muscle strength, as well as better coordination and balance. Research in the field of psychology has shown that body percussion improves concentration, memory, and perception, and it can have therapeutic feature because it stimulates and activates our organism both on the psychomotor and in the cognitive level. When combined with singing Body percussion is a technique of dissociation, with the help of which students learn to successfully perform several tasks at the same time. Besides, the orchestration – creating the music in the group, as one of the ways of applying body percussion, contributes to the development of communication skills and reduction of anxiety in communicating with other people, and consequently, strengthening self-confidence and self-respect.

Regardless of the previous music experience, everyone can learn how to use inner rhythm and explore the sound of their own body through this purely musical expression.

– learning the basic movements and punches
– mastering the basic rhythmic divisions (three-part, four-part, and irregular rhythms)
– learning sound „effects“ which can be created with body percussion
– orchestration: work in a group, where each participant has his rhythmic pattern that is in the line with other participants patterns and creates a mutual composition
– learning and working through group games that influence the presence and concentration, the speed of response, the ability to communicate and instantly connect with other participants
– basic techniques of breathing, relaxing and stretching
– basic vocal techniques
– learning a diverse songs repertoire
– multi-vocal singing