Jelena Trpković – Banquet

March 3rd, 2017 > Gallery O3ONE

The exhibition of Jelena Trpković will be open on March 3rd, 2017.

Jelena’s world

Exhibition note “Banquet”

I would be happy to move away from this world, but not to exclude myself. I imagine that I could see everything in slow-motion, not so much movement as the change of style and behavior. I could see social life miraculous unraveling and interweaving of people and objects. Getting away from people is not easy at all. People come from all sides. From geometry, from rituals, from music, from gastronomy… Everyday life is full of people. And politics! How many peoples are in newspapers! Letters are human creations, although they have so little in common with modern people.

Jelena Trpković has made a unique world of large objects and mediocre people. They do not fight each other because they are in different dimensions. They pass one by the other, trying to stand out as the main actors, of course, to impose, but the order of things in Jelena’s is set and firm. Objects will always lead the main thing not because they are the most important, but because they are the most reliable. Besides that, there is also a memory. Jelena’s world is the world of memory. What we tried, tasted, smelled, touched, what went only as an image or sound, as well as what we felt then, now that is something special. We remember the dear ones, and those not so dear, we remember ourselves, along with all material sensuous displays, as the unique weave of life. This wine we drank for the first time, the other one, so many times. And besides this, we experienced something so nice that we will remember forever. This wine was “spoiled”, this was to warm, and this was given by a friend. It was sunny but stormy. It smelled like salt. We drank last time, a glass of this wine. And we never saw each other again…

I could dream of Jelena Trpković “Banquet” exactly the way I see it. There are wines, classes, preparation for going out, garnishes, tumult, a family pap as a peak of social success. Life is of course somewhere else, but objects and people have their complicated relationships and places they encounter, to become aware that there are many dimensions in which everything is happening.

I have not heard the word “banquet” for a long time, not because the banquet no longer exists, but because of social mimicry is more and more complex. That is why the term “banquet” has a strange ironic and sarcastic fieriness. Jelena’s world is mostly wrapped with strands of irony. Let’s have a toast! But slowly. Let’s try to slow the time with the first draft. Who knows when we have another banquet! Who knows when we met again. The print of our lips won’t survive the encounter with a dishwasher. The doorbell will stop every conversation. TV news will be more important than the last page of the book. I’ll try to summarize everything in a few letters. I know that in the next few days I will have trouble reading them. Then I will turn the glass upside down and let the red wine to leave the circle on the clean paper. What should I do with this memory?

Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir

Jelena Trpković

Biography and list of works

Jelena Trpković, born in Belgrade, where she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and finished postgraduate studies.

From 1980 until 1999 she lived and worked in Dubrovnik.

She has been a member of ULUS since 1976. Since 1977 she has been participating in numerous collective exhibitions. She exhibited in 18 solo exhibitions in Belgarde, Novi Sad, Titograd, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, and Ljubljana.

She works as a regular professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad.

Jelena Trpković is the winner of several awards, of which the most important is the SANU Award from the Ivan Tabaković Fund, in 2000.

Her works are exhibited in numerous museum and private collections.


Mob. Tel. 069 1999 092


1. Glass, 1984. 86 x 29 cm. collage

2. Glass III 1984 42 x 70 cm. collage

3. Class II 1985. 78×38 cm. collage, the owner Svetlana Petrović

4. Cups, 1988. 31 x 125 cm. collage, in ownership of Mišković family

5. Cups 1990. 31 x 164 cm. collage, in ownership of Stojanović family

6. Champagne, 2009. 67×38 collage

7. Wine classes, 2016. 152 x 50 cm. collage

8. Bordel,2016. collage

9. Haircare, 2016, 140 x 57 cm combine the technique

10. My name is Bond, James Bond, 2016. 100 x 70cm. combine technique

11. Brides, 2016. 150 x 77 cm. combine technique

12. Girl, 2016. 05x 65 cm combine the technique

13. Boy, 2017. 100 x 70 cm combine technique