Šumatovačka – Collection 2015/2016

February 13th - 28th, 2017 > Gallery O3ONE

The art collection of Šumatovačka is a project in the creation of the Centar of Visual Education, that started in 2010 to point the continuing contribution of this institution to the design and development of the art scene and the cultural-educational character of the activity that has been in full force for several decades. Established in 1948 on the initiative of the Association of Fine Artists, by the city of Belgarde, Šumatovačka found itself on the map of the development of visual arts, not only in Belgarde but the entire country. It’s unique because it has consolidated the activity of pedagogical and cultural institutions. Today it has the status of the important cultural institution for the city of Belgarde.

Thousands of students went through the studio of Šumatovačka, and some of them became famous artists. Six years ago, he began collecting work with the collection that was founded thanks to the gifts of former students and lecturers who respond to the invitation to participate as donors in this project. All who have donated the work to Šumatovačka, at the same time they supported a progressive orientation of this institution, which was moving towards something changed and more complex identity. The goal of this change, which came gradually, was the desire to preserve the importance and influence of Šumatovačka in the contemporary artistic and cultural context.  In the fundamentals of Šumatovačka collection lies the attention of achieving continuity, communication, and creating a meeting place – the past, the present, and the future. Built gradually but also persistently at the same time, the collection has grown from a project to a cultural heritage of its kind, which has over 200 works from a hundred authors of different generations includes a memorial collection, gift collection, repurchase collection, and a sculpture garden. Within the mobile collection, there are works in media graphics, drawings, sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations, videos, and works in creations.

Besides domestic authors, works by artists from abroad who have toured in the Šumatovačka programs in the past few years are also included. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, during 2015 and in 2016, the acquisition was made and the collection became richer for 31 works and the collection at the public space called Garden of Sculpture. Actuality and authenticity were key criteria in the selection for acquisitions. The selection of mostly younger authors is the expression of the tendency towards an affirmation of contemporary creativity and dynamic participation in shaping the value of the artwork today. The selection is just a note in a given historical moment about the richness of contemporary art production. It’s dedicated to the individual creator, the effort of the individual, originality, courage, diversity. By collecting all these works under one institution that today represents the place of transformation and search for an individual for their creative identity, we note the unique moment and value of Šumatovačka for the development of art and the whole scene.

Ksenija Marinković
Art historian