Cultural Forum / DOT, V small format group exhibition

May 18th - 21st, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

The fifth small format group exhibition organized by Cultural Forum ODKR opens on Thursday, May 11th, 2017 at 19:00h, the Pro3or Gallery (Koče Popovića no.9), Savamala, Belgarde. The exhibition lasts from the 11th until the 16th of May (12:00 – 19:00h).

“Dot” is the name and theme of this small format group exhibition. As before, the title of the exhibition is a template for artists to react with their works to achieve a common denominator in an otherwise very diverse set of over one hundred works and more than fifty artists of various sensibilities, art-applied disciplines, and technics. In contrast to the previous exhibitions, where this template was mostly a formal technical means of bringing the works into interaction, the creative team of Cultural Forum ODKR is trying to launch a small debate among artists and creators. The Dot as the exhibition theme was given to artists for consideration as an art element, but also as a philosophical notion. As a technical and formal means, but also as a contemplative topic. In this way, Cultural Forum ODKR tries to nurture and develop small format group exhibition in the direction of a salon exhibition or a periodical view of the local art-applied scene of the younger generation, which is in fact, already indicated by a large number of works and authors that the audience had the opportunity to see in four previous exhibitions. Cultural Forum ODKR sees the program of the small format group exhibition as a special effort in the direction of strengthening and developing the cultural needs of the public and spreading the art market. That’s why this is the selling exhibition, at very affordable prices. Such cultural policy aims to enable the general public to acquire and possess artwork to familiarized themselves with contemporary domestic art creativity.

Aleksandar Denić, Ana Marija Ćupin, Branka Nađ, Bojana Ristevski, Boris Burić, Barbara Dimić, Vanja Seferović, Vladimir Lalić, Vuk Palibrk, Vladimir Ristić, David Pujado, Darija Basta, Davor Gromilović, Emilija Radojičić, Ivan Vulić, Ivana Finci, Ivana Čalija, Ivana Radmanovac, Jovan Trkulja, Julija Draškoci, Jovana Oljača, Jovana Čavorović, Katarina Marković, Ksenija Josifović, Ksenija Jovišević, Maja Avramović, Mario Kolarić, Marija Radosavljević, Maja Gajić, Marija Aničić, Marija Konjikušić, Milica Nikolić, Milan Cvetković, Miladin Miletić, Miljenko Miladin, Milica Balubdžić, Miloš Tomić, Miloš Sibinović, Milan Nenezić, Mina Piščević, Minja Đurđević, Mira Đorđević, Miodrag Ninić, Monika Lang, Nikola Velicki, Nikola Krivokapić, Orjen Đurić, Predrag marković, Svetlana Radenković, Sonja Gajić, Sonja Leković, Sonja Lundin, Stevan Lončarević, Stefan Knežević, Uroš Šanjević.

Cultural Forum / DOT, V small format group exhibition / special thanks to the organizations and individuals who enabled this event: Dina Design, Tron beer, Vinarija Đurđić, Rai Catering, Poslastičarnica (pastry shop). Music for the exhibition opening: DJ Captain Acid.

Special thanks to the Pro3or Gallery for exceptional cooperation in the period of 2016/17.