10th FLUisms – 1st Nomad Summer program: Time capsules

August 1st - 31st, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

Mirza Dedać: Event
Stevan Kitić: Smokes
Miloš Bogdanović: Miloš 1995.


Why some childhood memories last for so long and persistently in us? How, and when, and why do they come to the surface of our consciousness and after so many years of forgetting? I don’t know who could break the ends of this complex process and give at least some accurate and plausible answers on those questions. For, these are not only shallow impressions and transparent moods but the whole small worlds that live buried in us, waiting for their resurrection.

 Ivo Andrić, Signs by the road, Light, Sarajevo, 1976.


How, what, and why do we remember that? Does the mind protect us by remembering beautiful things more often? Do we remember smells for a long time? How does memory change and can it’s illusiveness be measured? For example, how do we remember the first days of June 2008? The opening of the Readymade/re-made Slavko Timotijević, in the ULUS gallery was provided by the police, Partizan is the best basketball club, the construction of the Airport City will soon be finished, in memoriam Yves Saint Laurent, Bo Diddley, Šaban Bajramović… Barack Obama is Democrat candidate for the U.S. president, the trial of Dragoljub Milanović was postponed the sixth time, the Palace of Justice was evacuated for the 24th time since the beginning of the year due to a false report about a planted bomb, Ana Ivanović won Roland Garros, Japanese police arrested T.Kata, the government is formed by creating a coalition between Democrats and SPS… and in Zora start negotiations about launching the the FLUism-Summer Festival of the FLU Gallery.


2008 – 2017.

Synchronization. An unofficial link between the events. Predict the event before the real conditions appearance appeared. Like…like Wiliam Herschel who discovered planet Uranus in 1781. Uranus is 1781 miles from the sun. Herschel died when he was 84.01 years old. 84.01 corresponds to exactly one Uranus year. Get it?

Mlan Oklopdžić, CA Blues, Bigz, Belgrade, 1986

During the summer holidays. young dean and young curator FLU agreed to break into the gallery and opened it in June 2008. After 35-year of summer resting, they called for Nikola Velicki and Damjan Kovačević. They opened the 1st Fluism exhibition (not)ReadyMade. Rock and Roll was the logical chain of events, and in 2009, the musicians closed the FLU-Tempo exhibition with “noise” and “rage”. Followed by events and interventions in the field of comics, love, fashion, silence, presentation of independent art spaces, assays with preception. After 10 years of FLUisms now, instead of retrospect, recapitulation, reevaluation, re, re… are moved from the gallery space and FLU showroom. Composed of carving and impatience, Summer Programs thus remain the moments of independence, freedom and adventure impressions.


Nomad time capsules

There is one language, says M-L, I think it’s called MASKALERO, in which verbs never change in time. In that language, there is neither past nor future time. So? I said. Get it, if we learned that language, we could live longer.

Mlan Oklopdžić, CA Blues, Bigz, Belgrade, 1986.

The occurrence of the Time Capsules is associated with the late 19th and the early 20th century, especially in America. In 2000, the most famous Detroit Time Capsule was ceremoniously opened after a century spent in the country. Time capsules are potential communications with the future. The fragments of the past and the elusive present are packed, condensed and preserved for some new future readings. All 3 times can percept in Time Capsule. The Time Capsule project consists of 3 exhibitions – assays of memory, its distortion, comic solutions to the flows of personal and institutional involvement in the memory processes.