Dragana Stefanović Guteša “REFLECTION”

Koče Popovića 9

“Simplicity is in the fact complexity, and in the order to understand its importance it must be indoctrinated with its essence ” Branuks Inspired by the seemingly incompatible paragons of Byzantine and Japanese art drawn by the simplicity of the expression, I begin to observe them in the same way. Finesse of Japanese lines and the harmony and warmth of Byzantine frescoes become my role model and guideline in my creations. Another of the connections is the use of gold and silver sheets in a very subtle and sophisticated way. That’s exactly the topic that occupies me. Draw by how sheet (silver and gold) absorbs and reflects light, as new motives in my paintings. Also to demonstrate the variability and uniqueness of the moment, these sheets make it possible. A warm glow of space in which we find ourselves and changes that occur by moving or changing the light. Gathering and shining at the same time. Working with golden leaves creates in me a sense of joy, love, and purity of the spirit. Like the sun when it illuminates us. While silver that is cold and sophisticated resembles moonlight. Using warm and cold together in the right measure and balance is a real challenge. I try to transfer these feelings of inner peace to the observer. To try to show life rhythms and spiritual vibration. Shining and sparkling images that vibrate and shake. Maybe another world.

Dragana Stefanović Guteša
Born in 1970, Belgrade. In 1997 she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the class of Prof. Radomir Reljić. Master’s degree in the same class of Prof. Radomir Reljić 1999. Member of ULUS. She won the 1st prize of Petar Lubarda for painting in 1996, and for the best drawing of the Faculty of the Fine Arts. She participated in many group exhibitions (Perspectives, Spring Salon, Biennial drawing).

Solo exhibitions
1998 – Gallery I.M.Kolarc
1999 – Gallery FLU
2006 – Gallery Art point

Her paintings are in private collections in China, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Greece. She lives and works in Belgrade.