Miloš Bogdanović – MILOŠ 1995.

August 22nd - 31st, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

“Miloš, 1995.” closes FLUisims 2017.

— Exhibition type / Interactive (come in time)
— Bring / Coin or nail
— Food, drink / Sushi & Beer
— Exhibition buzzword / Scratching to freedom!
— What it’s all about: Spring 1995.

“Buy me a notebook, I want to draw”.
No lines. It has a white sheet with blue stripes, like those that have cake candies. Recycled paper with stronger substance. On the front page Miloš, 1995, Opovo. A personal document of drawing beginnings. Sister is learning me how to write, brother in puberty draws a punk lion, my best friend’s father makes caricatures of my mother, and I’m drawing cartoon characters and frustrated by brother provocations I’m engraving “Miloš is lop-eared, Miloš is numskull…”. After ten years, during house painting, the notebook disappears forever.

In 10 in a row, but also a first nomad, summer festival program FLU: TIME CAPSULES, at the PRO3OR Gallery, three exhibitions will be held during August (which will ask questions): How, why and why do we remember that? Is the mind protecting us by remembering beautiful things more often? Do we remember the smells of the longest? How’s memory changing and can his deceitfulness be measured? FLUisims now, after 10 years, instead of retrospective, recapitulation, reevaluation, re, re… moving from Gallery and Exhibition space. Composed of avidity and impatience, freedom, and adventure impressions.  

Artists: Mirza Dedać, Stevan Kitić, Miloš Bogdanović