Stevan Kitić – SMOKES

August 10th, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

Stevan Kitić, Smokes
To record the evening when I couldn’t remember a single name. I know and remember a man, his movements, his appearance, and individual words. All night, this man passes through my memory, with each movement there is a certain detail, everything is closer and clearer to me, but I can’t remember a name. Even now, after midnight, we sit, my nameless acquaintance and I, like two dead guys. A series of images Smokes comes from a somewhat older cycle – Penzos guerrilla since 2011. The consciousness of global aging, the emblems of the new old, the oldest, resisting the imposed ideal of eternal youth in Penzos guerrilla, Smokes are abstracts of non-narrative strip sequences. These sequences are appearing in the picture of Heavenly Opportunities, but now independent evokes the time with the return effect, a fragile reality that exists at the moment when a man knows that he is losing, fragile memories that only prevails in the connection with reality and all transience. All signs of any presents were removed, the personal and everyday wonder is reduced to the unstable form of smoke that remains even when everything is forgotten.