Absolutely real – Marina Milev

October 19th - 26th, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

My works aim to show us reality in toto, with it’s visible and invisible beings and contradictions. I wonder if there is a consensus on what is real, and what is not, what is colored by impressions, values, expectations and most varied mixtures of emotions. What is the world of ideas, and what is its projection? What is behind or in front of the word meaning and various contours?

Reality is seen as something cruel, tangible, with clear boundaries, opposite to imagination, illusion and abstraction, dreams, and games. My goal is not just to show hyperreal, surreal or some integral reality, but also to examine whether behind the rigid surfaces of the real may be hidden a series of invisible archetypes as well as our personal mythological and zoomorphic beings. The suspicion in the existence of parallel worlds faces us with the need to invent a new principle of reality, which is for me a total synthesis of the inner and outer world, the conveying of the heavenly and fantastic into what is been shown as reality. I want to break the real and everyday postulates, to disrupt spatial and temporal plans, to cross people and animals, fantasy, facts, and content that is appearing in various media. That is my life collage. In my work, I apply the method of uncontrolled articulation of the unconscious, I work spontaneously, without the predetermined idea of what I want to get as a final result. The new attention is present, only if we look around carefully and sensibly. At the same time, it’s terrifying and close.

Marina Milev (1982) born in Bor. She graduated at the Higher School of Fine and Applied Arts in 2003, Belgrade. Later on, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, Novi Sad. She exhibited in Belgrade, Bor, Novi Sad, Ljubljana, Užice, and Zvornik. Marina is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer.

The exhibition will be opened by professor Ljubomir Vučinić and Maja Pejčić (music).