MAKRE Design Pop Up Show

November 18th, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

MAKRE Design is the synonym for Asia and Europe fusion, of Universum and natural treasures of Mother Nature. Inspired by unconditional love and unbreakable connection of Katarina and Marina, sesters which are also brand creators, and by using the acronyms of there names, the name MAKRE was born.

MAKRE Design has emerged as a connection of opposed influences since the sisters live and work on two different continents and draw the inspiration from Asia and Europe.

The brand’s focus is on hand-made accessories, jewelry, and kimonos using most organic fair trade materials originating from both continents. Materials are mainly of organic origin, such as brass, crystals, precious stones, recycled silver, silk, leather, etc. November 18th, at the Pro3or Gallery the Pop-Up SHOP MAKRE Design will be held. One of the main elements in the development of MAKRE Design is crystal and gemstone, which are known for their various powers, as well as advantages in health and beauty. It is a sales exhibition.

The event will be complement by Miloš Hadžić, with his musical selection,

Come so we can together celebrate love and positive energy.

Photographies for Before-After, Nemanja Kenežević.