Square – Annual exhibition of the ULUPUDUS photographic section

November 20th - 30th, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

Unity of difference
In front of you is the exhibition that so far has not been realized, within the Section of Art Photography of Applied Artists and Designers of Serbia. During the past years, the exhibition of Photography Section has been made in such a way that authors bring their works and they would be exposed on the walls at some of the Belgrade Galleries. What was not taken seriously is the huge differences in the realization of the photography. Framed, not framed, laminated, large, really large, small, and miniature… All of this would make an exhibition that was supposed to present a certain section through the author’s work and all activities over a year. What was missing was the famous, invisible but very often mentioned, red line, fil rouge, which should reconcile differences and merged them into a single visual entirety. And that’s how we came to this exhibition. This time, almost 50 authors will participate in the Annual Exhibition, each with four works that would make a kind of whole. What distinguishes this exhibition from everything so far is the uniformity of exhibited photographs, achieved despite the huge difference in the selected topics and the way they are presented. When the story about this exhibition started, it seemed impossible to reconcile the differences between photographers and their approach to this art discipline. The first shift that occurred at the moment when the idea was accepted was the dimensions of the photographies, measuring 20×20, and the total dimensions with postpartum 30×30. In this way, photographies are obtained which, like pixels of digital photographic devices, can be combined in many ways. And one more thing, for the first time the exhibition is accompanied by books, a great photo-monography, in which they are presented.