50 years of concert Rock photography in Serbia

December 10th - 27th, 2017 > Koče Popovića 9

The exhibition “50 years of concert Rock photography in Serbia” opens on Sunday, December 10th at 19h, PRO3OR Gallery (Koče Popovića 9).

Rock and roll is the largest cultural-social revolution that expanded during the 1950s, which provided freedom, a different model of behavior, thinking and ideal. Rock and roll have overcome all boundaries, prejudices and entered the modern culture and social trends. 

The exhibition “50 years of concert Rock photography in Serbia” include 100 photographies of 25 authors of a different generation who made a significant contribution of rock and roll and concert Rock photography promotion since 1966kada (when T.Petrenek and B.Debeljković organized the first exhibition of concert photography “Concert in the hundred photographs” at the Youth Center in Belgrade) until the present day, diligently recording the performances, publishing the photographs in music and youth magazines throughout the former Yugoslavia, on music web portals, cooperating with many music bands or by arranging exhibitions. Photographers who worked with ardor and followed the live rock and roll scene, our bands and foreign ones, stand by their photographs at this show – primarily showing their choice of what was important for them, which marked their and our time.

Dusan Kojic Koja foto Stanislav Milojkovic

Dušan Kojić Koja
photo Stanislav Milojković

Photography authors: Tomislav Peternek, Branibor Debeljković, Brian Rašić, Slobodan Purić, Imre Szabo, Goranka Matić, Kamenko Pajić, Zoran Trbović, Vukica Mikača, Zoran Vujović, Slobodan Sarić Hemfri, Nebojša Babić, David Vartabedijan, Stanislav Milojkovič, Anamarija Vartabedijan, Srđan Veljović, Miloš Milojević,  Raša Milojević, Milena Anđela Mišić Atanacković, Nemanja Đorđević, Zoran Mojsin, Marko Ristić, Jovana Milovanović, Wood RS, Danko Strahinić.

Zoran Vujovic CANE SKC 1988

Zoran Kostić Cane

photo Zoran Vujović

At the exhibition, we can see photographies from the First Guitar Festival held at the Belgrade Fair in 1966, from the “Hajdučka česma” 1977, from the “Boom” festival in Novi Sad 1981, from “Zaječar Guitar Festival”, and “Exit” festival. The exhibition is presented by a section of concert rock and roll events through photographies of domestic and foreign performers such as Bijelo Dugme, Točak, Divlje Jagode, U škripcu, Idoli, EKV II, Girlschool, Saxon, Džoni Štulić, EKV, Riblja Čorba, Bajaga i Instruktori, Slađana Milošević, Partibrejkers, Koja, Satan Panonski, Električni Orgazam, Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Rolling Stones, Apocalyptica, Darkwood Dub, KKN, Kud Idijoti, Neno Belan, Iron Maiden, Slash, Tunnel of Love, Masser Chups, Popečitelji, UK Subs, Guns n’ Roses, Eric Burdon, Sisters of Mercy, Steve Vai, House of Broken Promises, Pain, The Casualties, Judas Priest, Faith No More, The Cult, The Exploited, Ritam Nereda, Goblins, Mortal Kombat, Prodigy, Amorphis, Lacuna Coil, Nikola Vranjković, Swans, Yu Grupa, Marky Ramone, Wovenhand and Devin Townsend Project. this list is far from being final, but it’s telling us about the richness of the events that we have been present during the past five decades, and that’s not a bit…


Anamarija Vrtabedijan Kud Idijoti 2007

The exhibition goal is to gather important photographers and also the public presentation of the documentary and art rock and roll photographs that are created over the past fifty years. From analog to digital photography by highlighting dissimilarities in choice and artistic expression. In addition to archiving, documenting, preserving historical and artistic material, this exhibition highlights the significance of the historical, social and cultural context of rock and roll.

Milena Andjela Misic Atanackovic Guns n roses 2010

Milena Anđela Mišić Atanacković, Guns and Roses 2010

Exhibition council and organization: Anamarija Vartabedijan, Nebojša Babić, David Vartabedijan
Exhibition oppening December 17th, 2017.

Cover photography: Tomislav Peternek 1966 and Guitar Festival at Belgarde Fair