January 5th - 17th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

Miniatures are the international exhibition of artworks whose goal is to promote modern art in small formats as a relevant form. The new organizational team redefined the former annual exhibition of the members of the Association of Visual Artists from Zaprešić (AVA) as a competition with a conceptual basis that the dimensions of works do not exceed 15cm. Since 2012., the exhibition is held with a three-member commission. Every year the miniatures are exhibited in Vršilnica, a cultural monument in the protected complex Novi Dvor, and this year small anniversary – instead of the ambiance of the Vršilnica with a floating setting – was welcomed on the cracked walls of Jelačić’s castle, which was an interesting visual experience for many visitors.


The intention the realize an exhibition platform that represents contemporary art production in an international context has proven to be possible in the work of small format, which easily expands and crosses distances between countries and continents, while its artistic qualities can parry with large-format works. Among 384 authors for the exhibition this year, the jury selected 118 from 13 counties (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Chile, Croatia, India, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia) and highlighted three works from three authors for the prize.

Since 2014. miniatures travel to the regional countries: 17. Miniatures were exposed in the gallery of the House of Đura Jakšić in Belgrade and the Art Salon of the Cultural Center in Novi Sad; 18th Miniatures at the Gallery of the Art Academy in Sarajevo; 19th Miniature in Gallery „Kvartirna hiša“ in Celje, and 20th The miniatures are closing the circle again in Belgrade this time at the PRO3OR Gallery, January 1st – 17th, 2018. This year, the exhibition features a large number of great works by artists from regional countries, which is certainly worth a look.

Awarded at this year’s Miniatures are:
1. Noa Geras – 1st prize
2. Duje Medić – 2nd prize
3. Ivana Vulić – 3rd prize
Association of Visual Artists Zaprešić/ AVA
Gallery PRO3OR / January 1st – 17th, 2018.