The pictures that (them) remember

February 1st, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

The exhibition “The pictures that (them) remember” was created as the second phase of the project Interpretation of personal memories which art historian Milena Jokanović and artists Maja Medić will start in 2015.

After the completion of the first part of the project and the exhibition “The pictures that (yourself) remember”, the two of us continue to think, each from their professional view, about the ways of constructing personal identities through memories. The Protagonist of the entire project, including the two exhibitions, is a grandmother. Therefore, while Maja and I at the previous exhibition saw the images of the past that associate us with our grandmothers. The concept of the picture, in the context of the whole project, is considered much wider than mere visual representation, indicating the most diverse memory and memories that activate the memory of each individual and be a series of associations for the past.

The works that will be represented at exhibition:
Jelena Žigić
Jelena Ilić
Sonja Antonić
Ana Piljić Mitrović
Nada Pleskonjić
Maja Medić
Vesna Radovanović
Radmila Radojković
Tijana Mamula
Tijana Grumić
Maša Seničić
Opening on 01.02. 2018. at 18h
Gallery PRO3OR, Koče Popovića 9.