“Long ago, it was long time ago…” – Retrospective of YU Rock cover photos on gramophone records

From the 1960s until 1991 there were countless of published records of rock-orientated musicians who through the time created powerful and influential scenes. Photographies and design solutions of many single and LP editions of that time deserve attention, and we focused attention on vinyl wrappers. From romantic, grotesque, provokingly and censured, along with classical artistic photographs which some of them are work of art, from funny and uninspiring designer solutions – in that time there was a place for everything. Some of these will be exposed in this retrospective. The once unusual, rich and colorful music scene we view through its aesthetics.

The exhibition also represents the cooperation between Audio Archive Radio Belgrade and Belgrade Photo Month

Cover selection: Petar Janjatović
Curator: Ružica Vrhovac
Covers are from Audio Archive Radio Belgrade and few private collections.