Ordinary world

April 30th - May 9th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

Marcin Ryzcek

Series of photos “Običan Svet/Ordinary World”, consists of minimalistic and conceptual photos that affect trough symbols and like that make them familiar. Minimal form for minimal substance – this is their most prominent feature and leading idea. Originating from the real world these pictures have formal references on geometric bodies, simple lines, and forms. Black-white pictures emphasize minimalistic features of pictures as well as a homage to the classical tradition of artistic photography.

Marcin Ryzcek has divided his opus into two phases – the process of differentiation and the expectation process. This distinction represents an intense observation of reality and a search for unusual in seemingly ordinary places. The expectation is a search for the moment in which something happens that makes it visibly tangible reflection of the artist’s considerations and thoughts. These photographies are metaphoric, more ambiguous and universal, and like that, they trigger the imagination and individual explications.