Running act

June 6th - 13th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

Generative VR project  / Vladimir Todorović / June 6th – 13th


Generic VR project The running act deals with the theme of the 3d environment controlled by the machines. When you enter this VR world, you will be welcomed by the voice of a running female act that, in ASMR style, presents its fragmentary memories, thoughts, and stories. Narativ was generated using a machine learning system that read and analyzed thousands of romantic stories. Though his memories are alive and dynamic, the act always ends up with the ghostly running of the stairs.


Vladimir Todorović is an educator, new media, art, and film artist. His projects have won numerous awards and have been featured in numerous international festivals, exhibitions, museums, galleries, and symposiums including Cinema du Reel (37th), IFFR (42nd, 40th, 39th) Visions du Reel (48th, 46th, 44th), Festival du Nouveau Cinema (42nd), BIFF, SGIFF, L’Alternativa, YIDFF, Siggraph, ISEA (2008, 2006), Ars Electronica, Transmediale, The Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid) and Japan Media Art Festival.

Direction: Vladimir Todorović
Game Programming: Sulaiman Abdul Rahman
Sound Design: Ross Williams
AI Integration: Viktor Gal
Voice Over: Nađa Todorović
Machine learning software: Neural Storyteller, Ryan Kiros
Game engine: Unreal 4.19