„Solid art and soft hearts“

May 18th - 26th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

Art and love in times of digital transformation (exhibition May 18th – 26th) 

Katarina Kaplarski [contraart.com] is the interdisciplinary artist from Belgrade which pursues in digital art and interaction design. In her creativity, she usually uses digital tools, but also she creates in a non-digital environment and combines non-digital techniques and narratives with digital discourses. Katarina Kaplarski is the professor at the Faculty of Digital Arts, University Metropolitan in Belgrade.

By combining visual displays of nature mort, digital icons, parts of computer interface and text, allegoric setting „Hard Art & Soft Hearts“ suggest the postmodern influence, mashup culture, and technology in modern art. In the exhibiting artist also suggests on personal experience in the transformation of identity, sexuality, and romantic feelings under the influence of digital platform and “internetworking”. In the exhibit, a different combination of media is used: digital press, paints on canvas, digital wall print, lavished drawings. This part of the exhibition displays palpable artistic artifacts.

The second part of the exhibition consists of a nonmaterial world: Virtual reality, VR installation where space, pictures, and video can only be seen through VR classes. Time and sustainability are terms that don’t have meaning in a digital environment.

Senses of touch, taste, and smell are still part of the “reality”, although they can also be synthesized and simulated. The line which connects us from reality is becoming more thinner. Does the interruption of this connection hinder or liberate us? Will our emotions enhanced or “pixelized”?

VR Installation has been made with coaction with Milan Ličina and will be exposed in the Gallery from the 18th until the 19th of May. + Special program on 19. of May for Night of Museums 17h – 21h in coaction with students from University of Metropolitan

“Digital transformation of art – Digital Montmartr”

May 19th, from 17h – 21h in the Pro3or Gallery students of Faculty of digital arts from University Metropolitan will do portraits of visitors on digital boards. Like we can conclude from the name, the program “Digital Montmartr” is the analogy of painting tradition picturing passers-by in Montmartre, Paris. Visitors will get their portraits by email www.metropolitan.ac.rs

Author Biography

Katarina Kaplarski was born on June 21st, 1977. During her elementary school, the gymnasium, she practices painting, photography, and music. She graduated sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade and received a master’s and doctoral degree in the field of multimedia art (Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Art, Belgrade) as the scholar of the Republic foundation for scientific and artistic youngsters.

She exhibited her works on many solo and group exhibitions and art festivals in the region and Europe. Besides art practice in different media, since 2003, she practices graphics and web-design. She worked as an interactive art director in a marketing agency.

Doctoral dissertation under the supervision of mentor Vladan Radovanović “Contraart.com – internet art” which represented multidisciplinary research of art on the internet, she defended it on September 2013 in the same year, she began to lecture in University Metropolitan in the field of digital media, and she became dean at the Faculty of digital arts, University Metropolitan.

Personal website: contraart.com