June 28th - July 4th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

In the Pro3or Gallery on June 28th, 2018, at 20h, an exhibition of Various Artists Andrijana Bugarić and Nikola Lazić.
The two young generation artists share the studio, but not the way they present art.

Andrijana Bugarić 

… “Inspiration is intertwined in the form of fabrics and fences. I use patterns of fabrics, fences, and embroidery, and then amplify them and simplify them, framing them and abstracting them by creating separate composite parts that become independent images.

As a backbone for this series of drawings, I used high-resolution photographs depicting medieval reliefs, sculptures, roses, and parts of architecture made in stone that have always been an inspiration for drawing and imitation, only this time, I decided to map them, not pattern them. I also worked on paper in the form of combined techniques.

The works thus produced can be seen as part of the vast and continuous space of networks and interlacing, made with (not) a classic painting approach, raw colors. They are removed from the expected context by conveying a new message. “…

Nikola Lazić

… “My artistic research rests on a square and a pyramid as one of the basic geometric shapes of nature. Cuboid and pyramids, as unique geometric bodies, I further develop by combining them more, planning and bringing them into new, impossible, forms of reversed, irregular and linearly set perspective and logical logic. In a contemporary spirit, liberated from everything except the essential idea of extending shapes in space and reduced to a minimalist expression, I suggest the eternal effort of man to manage space and time. Works, paintings, sculptures, and objects are characterized by a minuscule attitude of gold and black and the relation of golden color and canvas as a carrier. Such relationships avoid the concreteness and banality to which any color would be sent. The golden color extends through the work as a thread and draws out sharp geometric shapes and draws its attention to its obscurity and pulls the observer into an indefinable, immeasurable dimension. “….

The exhibition ends on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018.