Ask me anything

July 5th - 11th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

Vojislav Pajkić / Opening of the exhibition on Thursday, July 5th, at 20h / It lasts until July 11th

Ask me anything is the fourth solo exhibition of the pictures of Vojislav Pavlović’s large-format which shows artistic maturity, perseverance, and consistency to be an artist. Exposed works were created as a process of the artist’s understanding of the schizophrenic relation of reciprocity of the inner and outer reality of reality. The pictures of Vojislav Pavlović are composed of different parts, seemingly randomly embedded, which in general represent an artistic reflection of the world’s events pervading the inner feelings of this artist. The world as a college (glued) world and various forms of its occurrence are the most common motives by which the author plays skillfully. As the inputs of everyday life include the personal, political, social, sexual, mythological and other forms of the phenomenon of reality, and the pictures of Vojislav Pavlović contain in themselves all of them and many, at first glance, unconnected whole, parts, the disorder of incidence. Exposed “collage mixtures” include the current symbols of the “advanced” world, mapped and decorated by nonstandard and somewhat avant-garde figures, illustrating the destruction, paranoia, and distortion of society. As a graffiti artist and street artist, the author does not deviate from the main principles of these artistic lines in the exhibited works, and thus his paintings are graphite on canvas in collage form. All exhibited works were created by combined technique – acrylic and spray, and with the selection of this art technique, the author once again confirms his primary affection for street art and new, unconventional forms of art.

Although intended for the Gallery audience, this exhibition of paintings is no less incorrect, engaged and experimental, that is the artist’s public works.

Vojislav Pavlović (1986) is a graphite and street art artist known outside the Gallery space, both in Belgrade and in many European metropolises, through artistic work in the form of various public visual interventions that contribute to the subversive elements of the city’s development.