July 12th - 28th, 2018 > Koče Popovića 9

Jana Stojaković / July 12th – 28th / Opening on July 12th, at 19h

The present has changed. The world got up, settled and accelerated. Half a century later, many smaller revolutions took place, after which nothing could remain the same. This exhibition follows the period of the 1960s, until the last years of this millennium, taking, as rappers, the present and present musical-scenic icons that transmit a dual political message. Each of the selected characters was himself, at a certain historical moment, himself, openly or indirectly engaged politically. The author, on the other hand deliberately chooses these persons, putting them in a new context, suggesting, by intervening on new readings of earlier messages. Also, it points to the implications of the last major revolution (after those of the ’60s), the technological and internet revolution. As the previous one resulted in a complete change of consciousness, and after 50 years this can be confirmed by generations living in a different world, so the latter pervades the lives of each individual now, enabling him simultaneously a multitude of virtual parallel lives. Which identity is then the real one?

In addition to these, the author also referred to the current issues of political crises and migrants in Europe, but also on Hollywood, America, and manipulation of the show. Through 12 works, it touches almost all the key issues and problems of the modern world; from war and discrimination, drugs and prostitution, migrants and poverty, to the question of the structure of the state and the political system as such.