From 17. until 30. April 2019. > Gavrila Principa 16


Why does society is trying to build  “Europastrasse” (European road)? Most of these “European roads” extend across our continent and sometimes even further. Whether it’s from Holyhead to Ishim, from Shannon to St. Petersburg, from Kale to Leninogorsk, from Lisbon to Dogubayazit, or from Sitia to Vardo. These are huge structures. Each is marked with its number.

Asking reverse-question is even more intriguing: what does a construction project like “European roads” tell us about the society that built it!? That tells us a lot about ourselves because we are that society. Following this reflection, Otto Hainzl decided to travel the entire length of the E75 European route – from the Greek island of Crete to Vardo near the North Cape. He did it in one step during one quarter of a year. In his work, the artist uses all kinds of media such as photography, video, text, metadata to achieve this reflexive approach. He manages to create an image of society that is based on a marker along the way.

Gazela Bridge in Belgrade, just a few blocks away from the exhibition space is a small part of E75 – turn left for Sitia, turn right for Vardo! Parts of “Europastrasse” were presented at the Finnish Photography Museum in Helsinki, as well as in Vardo during the “One Day Residency” program, while the artist was still on the road. Thus, the work evolved itself in a self-reflecting way. The plan is to show the Belgarde exhibition in many other countries on the route E75.