Strictly Commercial

June 3rd - 11th > Opening on Monday, June 3rd at 19h > Gavrila Principa 16


The STRICTLY COMMERCIAL is a kind of polemical painting, a painting that drives controversy with other, most often traditional paintings, but above all with contemporary forms of visual presentation. It could be said that it is also a kind of para-painting.

It is based on high visual consumer culture, related to the phenomenon of so-called airplane graphite. It is the need to outline/write something known, beautiful, commercial, and thus change the context of understanding and experience. All of this certainly has its model in Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q. which continues through a new painting design.

These works aim to put themselves in an ambitious position of cracking the codes of mainstream cultures as centers of power and manipulation, which would be conducted internally, in the language of that same manipulation.

Author biography: 
Born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), February 27th, 1985.
He lives in Novi Sad (Serbia) since 1998.

2008 – He became a member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia)
2007 – He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (Department of painting) in Novi Sad

Group exhibitions:
2017 – Biennial of watercolor, Meetings with contemporaneity, Contemporary Gallery – Zrenjanin
2015 – Toward a better World, SERBIAN CONTEMPORARY ART, Nest Gallery – Geneva
2014 – PREMONITION, BLOOD, HOPE, Kunstlerhaus – Vienna
2014 – 55th October Salon – Belgrade
2014 – Toward a better World, SERBIAN CONTEMPORARY ART, Nest Gallery – Geneva
2013 – PR1 Gallery – Preston
2013 – CLOSE-UP & BLOW-UP, Museum of Contemporary Art – Novi Sad
2012 – FOTO DOKUMENTA, Museum of Contemporary Art – Belgrade
2012 – Novi Sad a Roma, La Galleria Atelier – Rome
2011 – XIII CALL Luis Adelantado Gallery – Valencia
2011 – Novi Sad in New York, MC Gallery – New York
2011 – Serbian contemporary art, Lucas Feichtner Gallery – Vienna
2010 – Art in Vojvodina from 2000 to 2010. Museum of Contemporary Art – Novi Sad
2008 – Painting in Vojvodina today – Novi Sad
2006 – La Corte Gallery – Florence

Solo exhibition:
2018 – Et in Arcadia ego – Museum of Contemporary Art – Novi Sad
2017 – BAD NEWS Youth Cultural Center Gallery (Belgrade)
2015 –  Swiss Embassy Resident, together with Dragan Bibin (Beograd)
2013 – LOVE, TENSION, AND OTHER MINORITIES, together with Andrea Palašti and Vanja Bućan, Youth Center Gallery (Belgrade)
2010 – Blok Gallery (Novi Beograd, Belgarde)
2008 – Tableau Gallery (Novi Sad)
2006 – DA Gallery (Novi Sad)
2004 – ART clinic (Novi Sad)

2018 – Award for painting ”Likovna Jesen” (Sombor)
2003 – Award for design “Bogdan Šuput”
2002 – UNILEVER award for drawing

2006 – Summer semester at the Academy of Art in Saci (Florence, Italy)