You live in my dreams

May 24th - June 1st, 2019 > Gavrila Principa 16

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Authors: Marija Radulović and Tina Radulović Danilović

The exhibition is about the atmosphere that we want to convey and show in a real way that the dreams for which we live are achievable. What lives in our dreams live in our lives. We live our dreams. The exhibition is also the connection of the twins – both physically and mentally – the inevitability of genetics, identity through the diversity of visual and color representations, the same needs, desires, thoughts, wills, feelings… Endless, unrepeatable dreams of one life, through two lives, which see the virtue in its uniqueness, on the one hand in figuration (Tina Danilović), and the other hand in the abstraction (Marija Radulović).

The rebellion against the reality that surrounds us as boring, monotonous, disobedient to people who have the meaning of life to resemble one another. Perhaps they are not aware of it, but art is one way to fight for the freedom of personal potentials as an inexhaustible source of natural and creative energy.

The twins, (physically) same people do different things to different people. Everyone looks the same, and we two think that it’s just a heavy burden that we have to carry for the rest of our lives. To think with our head, in our opinion, means that it is impossible to be the same as the other people because the greatest gift of this life is that every person is unique. We should try to stay unique in the time when it’s not easy at all. For us, this is an important incentive to work.