The floor

June 12th - 22nd > Opening on Wednesday, June 12th at 20h > Gavrila Principa 16


Authors: Djordje Stanojević, Stefan Živković, Uroš Blagojević

Three authors: Djordje Stanojević, Stefan Živković, and Uroš Blagojević investigate the phenomenon of redundant, rejected, secondary, transformed, which accidentally or directly builds artistic qualities by collecting energy from life, events, coincidences. Starting from three very different points, they offer solutions that are oriented towards the very excerpt of life. By activating unexpected materials and artistic practices, they seek the immediacy of building copyright as a natural consequence of life. Stefan continues his research started in Paris, Djordje brings the consequences of his work from a studio in the heart of Serbia, and Uroš records the brutality of the Belgrade suburbs. Materials such as wool, metal, cardboard, plastic are activated as energy collectors and witness the immediate experience of the poetics of a reality.