The Pianist – five years on the streets

Od 01. do 13. Oktobra 2019 > Gavrila Principa 16


Andrej Josifovski (1990) got his MSc degree in 2014 after he had finished his under-graduate studies at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture in 2012, and is currently a PhD thesis candidate at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture. He has been working as an assistant teacher at the Faculty of Architecture since april 2015. He has participated in many professional and artistic events and competitions. He painted a number of murals home and abroad, and he has been aacclaimed for his work in various international media. He exhibited his work at eleven group exhibitions among which the most important was “Face au mur” organized in The Cultural Centre Of Serbia in Paris / Centre culturel de Serbie and The Biennale Of Architecture in Venice where he presented his work “Golden Dumpster”. He is also the founder and art director of the International Runaway Street Art Festival. He won a “Fresh talent” prize for the murals painted on Ostružnica bridge in Belgrade, and the first “Youth hero” prize in the field of art and culture also. He was pronounced one of “the magnificent twenty” whose social influence was very significant in Serbia and neighbouring countries in 2018. He signs his works as the PIANIST.

The exhibition contains the reproductions of the murals promoting walls as socially aware cultural media. Painting murals got me thinking how to present the metamorphosis of a wall and how its communicative role was changed by the composition of a drawing. The first step in this process was to adjust the theme of the mural to the use of the building that was going to be its dwelling place, and then its getting in concord with the environment, which makes a piece come to life. Thus the walls become friendly allies of the street and completely open their souls. In other words, the walls have opened people’s eyes unlike the times when people gave walls their ears. Murals lead to the morphogenesis of urban communication, turning that act into beauty of a drawing and harmony of colours. Let the walls that freely walk the streets always remind us that the beauty of open communication is what makes us higher creatures on the planet. Having spent five years on the streets painting murals, I’ve shown that walls are here to connect people, not to separate them. Murals help the walls be looked upon not as barriers but windows into the world of imagination.


“As a boy who grew up on the construction sites of Zemun and later became an architect, in his work the Pianist joins the love for the city, the city that is eternally changing and the love for street art of large format. Therefore, his important works come out of the expected scope and enter the domain of conceptual unification with the city. After his work on the water and the mural on the roof, Street-art in Belgrade has moved to a new level so it will be interesting to follow the development of the scene in the following years where street artists have the task to step out of these sets of frames. Let’s hope that graffiti and street-artists’ endless dedication and fascination with the city will result in bolder and more provocative works in Belgrade, so that our cultural public could recognize the value of street art and realize that these are not just scribbles, but the works of intelligent and thoughtful artists who love this city.”

Ljiljana Radošević, historian of art

Srdjan Timarov, actor                                                                                                                                                         Smeared with paint but pure in heart. A creative rebellious disaster and a childish gentleman. A hero of good intentions, a unifier and a friend of the best. Fireworks of ideas. He transforms this so-called world into meaning, honesty and love. My friend.

Milan Lane Gutović, actor                                                                                                                                                       Since painting has something to do with time … I find that only the past is eternal, and the future is yet to become. His murals convinced me that time is a doctor and he really cures everything … but he’s not much of a beautician. That’s why every time should get his own Andrej.

Nikola Kojo, the performer of acting works, XX and XXI century                                                                                               It’s time to introduce aesthetic police. Andrej Josifovski must be its general and commander in chief. The man who has proven himself to beautify our reality, although he often opens our eyes with his works and makes us look at the way we are. Thank you for that. The truth is most needed.