O3ONE project is created to promote art and culture in Belgrade, Serbia and wider. Throughout the projects we support contemporary artistic domestic and foreign authors, both young and promising, as well as already afformated artists.

O3ONE strives to realize art projects that primarily deal with engaged art pointing to everyday life problems that effect on majority, in order to change society for the better. Just because of the need to change the environment for the better, especially the place where we live, our project and our gallery bear the name that clearly associates on an important and necessary component of our Planet.

We think that it is extremely important that people on all meridians deals with the issues in the field of ecology and nature protection on a micro level, through relations with friends and acting through small communities, as well as on a global level by showing the most important problems to a wider audience through artistic practice, media, social engagement, because none human activity on our Planet is not possible without ozone (O3) who we have less and less!

We believe that just as Planet Earth can`t survive without a certain amount of ozone, as well as society can`t exist without a certain dose of art and culture. The O3ONE project strives to show the importance of culture through different activities  to its citizens, fellow citizens, compatriots and all art lovers living on Earth; and also is trying to point on the importance of maintaining environmental protection, because going to Mars will not be accessible to many Earthlings for a long time.

Your O3ONE team